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Hello, book friends!

Below is a list of my favorite romance books. Rest assured, I will always have paranormal romance on my reading list. What can I say, it's my first love. But I also adore other genres! As long as there's romance, tension, and sexy bad-boy leading men. I'm all in.

If I suggest a book, it means I enjoyed it. Some more than others. Regardless, books are subjective to each individual. I may love something you despise, so PLEASE read the blurb before you buy.

Enjoy ;) 

There are links on this site that can be defined as "affiliate links". This means that Chaina Elizabeth Mason (website owner) may earn a small commission from sales of certain items, but the cost remains the same for you.


The Vampire King, Lucius, broke Amilia's heart to keep her away. Seven years later, and he was done waiting. It was time to make her his. Now, Amilia's everyday life she worked hard to build and keep threatens to crumble just like her already broken heart.


Carrie Ames was attacked in the hospital morgue by a vampire. Now, she is bound by the worlds most evil vampire who is hell-bent on turning her into a soulless killer. 


With a broken heart, Jude walks into a one nightstand and leaves sexually sated and...with his wallet. Her father is dying from cancer and the medical bills are piling up. When she finally lands a great job, she's estatic until she learns her one night stand is her now boss.


Nicole Martin lost her family to rogue vampire slaves. Now, she dedicates herself to finding a cure against vampirism. Riker, a member of the vapire Moon Clan, lost his wife to the Martin Family. Now, his sole mission is to rescue Vampire slaves, but after

 abducting Nicole, Riker realizes they aren't so different after all and find himself draw to her.


Sera is destined to leave her life and give herself to the Primal of Death as his Consort. However, Sera's true detiny is to make the Primal of Death fall in love with her and then...end him.


Leila's psychic ability decides to take the backseat and stop working. Perfect time? She thinks not. Her lover, Vlad, starts acting distant, and she refuses to be disregarded. However, when she realizes a killer is stalking her, she choosesto trust the one vampire who refuses to admit he loves her.


Mia will do just about anything to find her missing brother even turn to a man she swars is the deveil. Something dark and unnatural lurks behind those pale-gray eyes


Ten years ago, Vicious made Emilia run away from the small town where they lived. Now, he has come to take her, but  she knows Vicious is bad news wrapped in a good suit.


After finally escaping the clutches of a female vapmire for years, Dante is thirsty for blood. An ER nurse, Erin, finds a handsome stranger in the hospital blood bank. She should have run but instead feels an emotional need to protect the man and quickly feelings flare between the two.

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