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Love Me To Hell And Back

coming September 18

A search for a cure. A journey fraught with danger. A fateful bond.

To cure her work partner of a deadly supernatural virus, determined demon-hunter Maeve must risk everything to obtain The Book of Raziel - a font of spells, divine magic, and ethereal knowledge. And though she isn't surprised to discover that the book is in the Garden of Eden, she is surprised to learn that the garden is situated in Hell!

Now Maeve faces her biggest challenge: fighting her inner demons, or be lost to the wanderlust of Hell forever.

Broken and reclusive, Ezra Virunas has one goal - kill the demon who stole the Sacred Seals, and, in return, he would regain his freedom. Never mind that Ezra has to use Maeve's soul as bait to close the case, Ezra knows just how deceitful women can be, and he is convinced Maeve is no different. But, he is mistaken, and despite fighting against it, her pure heart soon becomes a light to his darkened past.

As Maeve and Ezra's bond deepens, so too does the danger awaiting them. Will they emerge from Hell unscathed? 

Love Me To Hell And Back is a haunting tale of self-reflection and forgiveness.


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